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Please the two question with reference


Justina Kwapy 

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Optional Faith and Learning forum-Week 3 – Scholarly Communication: Process and Style


Week 3 – Scholarly Communication: Process and Style

Note: Each week, I will post a Bible verse or two that speaks to the conversation for the week. Response posts can be considered “Substantive” if it progresses the conversation and meets the 150 minimal word requirement. Participation in the weekly devotional is completely voluntary.

And the Lord answered me: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it. Habakkuk 2:2 (ESV)

In this verse the Lord tells Habakkuk to write his vision and to make it plain enough that those who read will clearly understand the meaning. Clarity of meaning is also the goal of academic writing; we must write to assure that those who read understand what happened and the associated meaning. Does clarity of meaning require over-simplification of language structure and word choice? Why or why not? Do we as followers of Christ who are also the gatekeepers of knowledge and knowledge development have a spiritual obligation to provide clarity of meaning in the writing of academic works? Why or why not? How does your response to the previous question influence your expectations of writing quality in regard to the academic works that you will be producing throughout the doctoral program?



One of the biggest obstacles for many students is figuring out what to write. It is problem that has plagued writers for centuries. Please view the following clip from the movie, Finding Forrester, and reflect on the advice that Sean Connory’s character gives to the main character in regards to writing.

Do you believe this advice?

Speaking from my own experience, there were times that my finished document looked nothing like what my original draft looked like. I found that I just had to get something down on paper and then I was able to rewrite and revise and collect my thoughts.


Please reply to the following with reference


Cara DiBona 

3 posts

Re: Module 3 DQ 1


While scholarly writing is more formal and should have a detached and academic tone to it, the individual writing of the author can vary to give the author a unique authorial voice (Parks-Stamm, 2018). This authorial voice contributes to the formation of their doctoral identity as it is unique to that individual. The ability to create one’s own voice within academic writing can be challenging, but helps scholars avoid plagiarism and makes for a more effective scholarly writer overall (Parks-Stamm, 2018).

The iterative process is something that has been brought up in previous chapters of our textbook and is a specific process that provides feedback through peer and advisor reviews along the writing journey (Parks-Stamm, 2018). Embracing this process and being open minded to peer reviews and suggestions is one specific way that I will improve my own academic writing. Another way to improve my own writing will be to read as many academic research articles in my field of study as I can. This will give me the opportunity to become familiar with the academic jargon that occurs in my field of research and therefore write more clearly for my intended audience (Parks-Stamm, 2018).


Parks-Stamm, E. (2018). Scholarly writing. In Grand Canyon University (Ed.), GCU doctoral research: The purposeful path to a successful dissertation. Retrieved from https://lc.gcumedia.com/res811/gcu-doctoral-research-the-purposeful-path-to-a-successful-dissertation/v2.1/#/home



Yolanda Miranda 

5 posts

Re: Module 3 DQ 1


The transition from master’s writing to doctoral writing is an obviously at a different caliber.

The doctoral writer is expected to have a strong sense of understanding of processing information and interrupting with a clear comprehension. The ability to reproduce concepts and create a strong framework establishes a clear understanding for the reader. Doctoral writers will establish their voice and identity. Most important developing confidence in their writing in the area of creating procedural and technical work will be understood through their writing. (Cameron, Nairn & Higgens)

The ability to develop these doctoral traits doesn’t come easy for all some may experience the feeling of self-doubt and negatives self-talk that could lead to writer’s block or a fear of developing or completing a writing sample. I have experienced the fear of not providing the correct or highest writing standard, but I must continue to trust in my work and look for correction from my professors and peers. This process will assist and develop a productive relationship with faculty and committee member and also assist in the completion of my dissertation.


Cameron, J., Nairn, K., & Higgins, J. (2009). Demystifying academic writing: Reflections on emotions, know-how and academic identity. Journal of Geography in Higher Education, 33(2), 269-284


Tyler Jones 

1 posts

Re: Module 3 DQ 1


Doctoral writing is vastly different from other forms of writing that many students face in their education. Doctoral writing follows a universal method that allows peers to completely comprehend (Parks-Stamm, 2018). In other forms of writing, a writer is attemping to convey their perspective on a given topic. When writing an new article, for example, the writer wants the reader to feel a certain way about the topic they are researching. Subjective text is not appropriate in academic scholarly writing. According to chapter 4 of this weeks reading, a doctoral writer embraces scholarly jargon and articulates a synthesized article from a distant voice and tone. Namely, a writer avoids over explaining, and providing a personal stance on the given topic. If a doctoral writer reviews numerous articles on a given topic, they are not only expected to understand the material but they are expected to bridge the material together. When a doctoral learner bridges the material together, they are synthesizing a new perspective. Parks-Stamm (2018), explains how it may be difficult for learners to avoid adding a personal spin to their research topic, as many learners become invested in the topic and may wish to lead the reader in a specific direction. Doctoral writing is not a debate, therefore the intent is not to have the reader agree or disagree with a perspective. The intent of doctoral writing is to lay out the facts as the data revealed. 

Doctoral writing sparingly uses adverbs and adjectives in their text as using them may cause an interpretative understanding to the material presented (2018). The best way to develop a keen understanding of scholarly writing is to read empirical journals religiously and learn the academic jargon. We have touched on this in the previous weeks, but another important strategy for doctoral writing is iterative feedback. It can be difficult for learners to accept that their writing, which was appropriate in the past, as inappropriate for the doctoral journey. 

Thank you

Parks-Stamm, E. (2018). Scholarly writing. In Grand Canyon University (Ed.), GCU doctoral research: The purposeful path to a successful dissertation. Retrieved from https://lc.gcumedia.com/res811/gcu-doctoral-research-the-purposeful-path-to-a-successful-dissertation/v2.1/#/home



Timothy Bundy 

1 posts

Re: Module 3 DQ 2


The purpose of a style guide in scholarly communication offers a specific set of standards for writing. Furthermore, the style guide is essential in academia given the purpose within an individual’s educational journey. According to (Anthony J. Onwuegbuzie, and Julie P. Combs. 2009) “Uniformity and consistency enable readers to (a) focus on the ideas being presented rather than formatting and (b) scan works quickly for key points, findings, and sources.” I believe this to be true because readers can direct all attention to what is the focal point of the research article. Moreover, when reading research articles, we tend to scheme quickly through the main ideas in order to get to the “meat” of the research that is stated throughout the article. One specific strategy that I will utilize to improve my skill in using APA styles is having an outline. For me having an outline is essential. I say this because outlines help me to know what I want to say and how I want to say it. An outline can also make sure that I have consistency throughout my work. The main resource that I will use to improve my skill in APA style is the usage of my instructors and the GCU library. Knowing that I have instructors that are accessible to me makes all the difference. They have previously been through this journey so asking them valuable questions and what I may be doing right or wrong will be the key to improving my APA skills.


Anthony J. Onwuegbuzie, & Julie P. Combs. (2009). Writing with Discipline: A Call for Avoiding APA Style Guide Errors in Manuscript Preparation. School Leadership Review, 4(1), 116–149.



Marion Titanji 

2 posts

Re: Module 3 DQ 2


Learning and understanding how to write in APA style is essential for students to avoid plagiarism whether knowingly or unknowingly. It is also a style of writing that creates uniformity when we follow the guidelines and recommendations. Parks-Stamm (2018) explains that when articles depart from structure, they tend to cause confusion with the readers. These guidelines make it easier to follow and understand a paper or an article. The formatted title for example gives you information about the author, the topic of discussion as well as the name of the institution. APA style of writing is not only advantageous for a consistent and uniform way of writing across professionals, it also ensures that professionals present work with integrity by giving credit where credit is due.

The APA manual is the standard in most institutions like Grand Canyon university. I know that there are several APA resources available for students in the library. As well as free online tutorials that explain the use of the APA Manual, I intend to make use of these resources in my doctoral studies.


Parks-Stamm, E. (2018). Scholarly writing. In Grand Canyon University (Ed.), GCU doctoral research: The purposeful path to a successful dissertation. Retrieved from



Justina Kwapy 

8 posts

APA TIP: Difference between “and” and “&”


In parenthetical citations, use an ampersand (&) when referring to authors. In the body of the text, use the word “and.” For example, “Blah blah blah” (Smith & Smith, 2008, p. 27); Smith and Smith (2008) proposed “blah blah blah” (p. 27).

There are a few basic APA formatting pieces you can expect to include as a baseline in your writing presentation. For instance, there are several ways to format an in-text citation.

1. Kelly (2014) summarized academic writing as a process of including various styles of formatting and presentation.

2. Academic writing has been summarized as a process of including various styles of formatting and presentation (Kelly, 2014)

3. Kelly stated, “APA style contains many different formatting styles” (2014, p.15).

4. Kelly and Johnson (2014) examined APA formatting and the various styles included in APA formatting.

5. APA formatting contains various styles all of which play a role in academic writing (Kelly & Johnson, 2014).

Notice that when using a direct quote, the citation must have a page number. These tend to be the most repetitive and consistent formatting styles included in academic writing. Please start practicing these forms in your discussion posts; this will be a great help as you progress in your doctoral journey. To access a more detailed explanation, see https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/02/

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