Networking multiple choice questions | Information Systems homework help

1. A network engineer is preparing an implementation plan of XUMUC. She is not certain as to which layer of the Cisco hierarchical model to implement quality of service, and to configure security policies and to connect access devices to the core backbone.  Choose from the list, below, the layer that you would select.(Select the best answer)

a. Network Layer
b. Core Layer
c. Access Layer
d. Application Layer
e. Distribution Layer

2. Refer to the exhibit below.


During which stage of PPDIOO process, do you prepare configurations details?

a. Prepare
b. Plan
c. Design
d. Implementation
e. Operate

3. XUMUC is an online university which recently added a new Application serverto enhance the virtual class room environment. The university added a fifth ISP to connect this application server to the Internet. In which sub module of the Cisco Enterprise Module, would you place the server?

a. Enterprise Campus
b. Edge Distribution
c. E-Commerce
d. Enterprise Edge
e. Internet Connectivity

4. During the planning stage of a network upgrade, the customer wants a 30% improvement on the response the users get from the database.  During which stage of characterizing the customer’s network would you address this requirement?

a. Design Phase
b. Performance Requirement
c. Implementation phase
d. Operational Phase

5. Would you determine the network to be healthy when you have documented 25% of multicasts on one segment? Answer true or false.

a. True
b. False

6. During your characterization of the network, you realize that WAN implementations and LAN networks are managed by different groups.  During which data collection stage would you note this information?

a. Design Requirement
b. Technical Requirement
c. Office Politics
d. Ignore

7. From the list below select all the advantages of hierarchical design?

a. Fault tolerance
b. Scalability
c. Ease of manageability
d. Predictability
e. All of the above

8. You need to add a new site to your hierarchical network. Which of the following are possible places in which to connect a new site to your existing network? (Select 2)

a. Access layer
b. Distribution layer
c. Core layer

9. The customer wants you to determine the maximum number of multimedia workstations that should populate a segment. What information do you need from the customer in order to proceed with this request?

a. LAN Protocol
b. Bandwidth on the segment
c. Application running on the segment
d. Number of users
e. Fiber or Cat5 cable

10. Which layers of the OSI model does RMON2 operate on?

a. Physical to Data link
b. Physical to Network
c. Network to Application
d. Physical to Application

11. You have been assigned to collect and characterizing an existing network. Which of the following stages would you first consider when characterizing an existing network? (Select the best answer.)

a. organizational input
b. traffic analysis
c. network audit
d. network assessment

12. Which of the following data center designs provides the best combination of availability, scalability, redundancy, and WAN affordability?  (Select the best answer.)

a. multisite data centers located in close proximity
b. multisite data centers spread across a large geographical area
c. single-site data center with clustered servers
d. single-site data center

13. List one limitation of a bottom-up approach to network design?

a. It is more time-consuming than the top-down approach.
b. It does not focus on devices and technologies.
c. It focuses on applications and services.
d. It can lead to costly redesigns.
e. It requires a detailed analysis of an organization’s requirements.

14. Which of the following statements is true in a data center design that utilizes layer 3 devices between the access layer and the aggregation layer?  (Select the best answer.)

a. VLANs can span multiple access layer switches.
b. Layer 3 load balancing is not supported at the access layer.
c. The default gateway for each VLAN is located in the aggregation layer.
d. HSRP is not required.
e. An FHRP is required.

15. Which of the following statements is true regarding the core layer firewall in the base e-commerce module design?  (Select the best answer.)

a. The core layer firewall connects directly to the SLB.
b. The core layer firewall connects directly to the server farms.
c. The core layer firewall operates in routed mode.
d. The core layer firewall is typically an appliance-based platform.
e. The core layer firewall is configured with multiple contexts.

16. You are reviewing a high level network diagram to locate the DHCP server. In which modules would you expect to find the company’s DHCP server? (Select 2)

a. data center
b. enterprise edge
c. building access
d. building distribution
e. building core

17. A customer wants to connect 12 sites over a WAN. The customer also wants to configure OSPF on each router.Which of the following topologies would require the greatest number of neighbor relationships on each router?  (Select the best answer.)

a. star
b. ring
c. full mesh
d. hub-and-spoke
e. partial mesh

18. You want to select a technology which will provide authentication, encryption, and message integrity. From the list below, which one you would select?

b. SNMPv1
c. RMON2
d. SNMPv3
e. SNMPv2

19. You are gathering the network requirements to upgrade an existing network.In which of the following categories of the proposal would you consider the budgeted costs? (Select the best answer.)

a. organizational goals
b. organizational constraints
c. technical goals
d. technical constraints

20. In a job interview, you were asked to identify the appropriate location in the Enterprise Architecture Module in which to place e-Commerce servers. From the list below, choose the best answer.

a. SP edge
b. enterprise data center
c. enterprise edge
d. enterprise campus

21. From the list of sub-modules, below, select the sub-module of the SP edge module.

a. campus core layer, building distribution layer, and building access layer
b. enterprise WAN, Internet connectivity, e-commerce servers, and remote access via VPN
c. PSTN services, site-to-site WAN access, and ISP connectivity
d. enterprise data center, enterprise branch, and teleworkers

22. In a switched hierarchical design, which enterprise campus module layers exclusively use Layer 2 switching?  (Select the best answer.)

a. only the building distribution layer
b. only the building access layer
c. the building distribution and campus core layers
d. only the campus core layer
e. the building distribution and building access layers

23. Which of the following statements best describes NetFlow?  (Select the best answer.)

a. NetFlow is a Cisco IOS feature that causes minimal impact on the CPU utilization on each network device during an audit.
b. NetFlow is a security appliance that serves as the focal point for security events on a network.
c. NetFlow is used to monitor and manage network devices by collecting data about those devices.
d. NetFlow is a protocol that extends the standard MIB data structure and enables a managed device to store statistical data locally.

24. MegaCorp is upgrading its existing X.25 network to a more modern and flexible frame relay network. MegaCorp’s contract with its existing X.25 service provider expires in 2 months. The network equipment that is currently in use will not support frame relay connections. Therefore, all existing X.25 equipment will have to be replaced. The current technical staff must be trained on the new technology choice. What is the organizational constraint faced by MegaCorp?

a. The fact that the contract expires in two months
b. The cost associated with the new frame relay network
c. The budget to buy all new frame relay compatible devices
d. The budget to buy all new frame relay compatible devices
e. The compatibility between the X.25 and frame relay protocols

25. XYZFoodCorp is a food distribution company with 200 warehouses located throughout Asia, Europe, and North America. XYZFoodCorp plans to roll out a new e-commerce application allowing customers to order products directly from their website. Because company policy dictates that all electronic data must be stored locally, this e-commerce application will be hosted from Tokyo and will require a new connection to a local ISP. XYZFoodCorp believes that this new ordering process will reduce their time to deliver while increasing their market share. Additionally, the new ordering system should reduce existing expenses associated with the current order processing system. Management believes that all existing customers will prefer to use the new ordering system, and therefore require 99.9% system and network up time. XYZFoodCorp would like to further utilize the new network to reduce toll charges between the headquarters and each warehouse. Management plans to have the new systems in place within six months. Once orders are placed, they will be routed to the correct warehouse for order fulfillment. Each warehouse is currently connected to the headquarters via dial up connections. The new ordering system will require a minimum of 256kpbs between each warehouse and Tokyo. Management has budgeted $250,000 USD for new network equipment and $100,000 per year for circuit costs. XYZFoodCorp’s IT department consists of two technical support technicians who currently have no expertise with networking. The new CTO plans to outsource the design and implementation of the network and hire one new technician to perform network management. XYZFoodCorp’s Management is very concerned with the security of the new application and the new threats posed by connecting the headquarters to the Internet. What major goals does XYZFoodCorp hope to achieve from this project? (Choose two.)

a. Increase market share
b. Roll out a new ordering system
c. Outsource the network managements
d. Provide VoIP services between locations
e. Reduce ordering system associated costs


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