History of americas quiz 3

Question 1

The Monroe Doctrine stipulates:

  America for the Americans, no further European intervention unless is done in existing European colonies in the Americas.

  A part of US Foreign policy under the Good Neighbor policy. 

  Teddy Roosevelt’s idea of American Imperialism 

  Commercial trade doctrine between the United States, Great Britain, and Latin America.

Question 2

The Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine, or Roosevelt’s Corollary, represents an expansion of the Monroe Doctrine.  The corollary stated:

  “…that not only were the nations of the Western Hemisphere not open to colonization by European powers, but that the United States had the responsibility to preserve order and protect life and property in those countries, and thus justifying US intervention in the region.”

  “…it represents an addendum to the Monroe Doctrine added in 1905.” 

  “…favors European intervention in the Western Hemisphere.” 

  “…nations in the Western Hemisphere are to engage in trade exclusively with the United States.”

Question 3

The Dirty War was a period of state sponsored terrorism present in the 1970s in Latin America.  This state terrorism had one objective in mind:

  The eradication of political dissidence. 

  A general support to leftist movements by authorities. 

  Incorporate urban and rural leftist guerrilla movements to mainstream society.

  Provide military training to dissident groups. 

Question 4

During the Progressive Era, working woman – immigrant and native, working class and professional – became a symbol of female emancipation. In her influential book Women and Economics, Charlotte Perkins Gilman wrote that a growing number of younger women desired a lifelong career. What was Perkins Gillman’s main argument?

  Women were fulfilled with their assigned role of “house service.” 

  Women experienced not fulfillment but oppression, and the housewife was an unproductive parasite, little more than a servant to her husband and children.

  Women were satisfied with the prevailing gender norms. 

  The prevailing gender norms made women capable of contributing to society and enjoy freedom.

Question 5

According to lecture, one of the reasons that led to the Revolution in Mexico in 1910 was:

  The inclusion of the Mexican middle class in the political process. 

  Concessions made by the Porfirian elite to the middle class in Mexico. 

  An alliance forged between the middle class and the Mexican elite. 

  Politics of exclusion. 

Question 6

Formed in 1905, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) sought to mobilize the immigrant factory labor force, migrant timber and agricultural workers, women, blacks, and even the despised Chinese. In addition to organizing labor in an intersectional fashion, what other factor attracted the attention to the IWW?

  Their battle for freedom of speech. 

  Their songs denouncing unfair labor practices. 

  Their alliance with big business. 

  Their support of skilled industrial and craft laborers, nearly all of them white.

Question 7

During the Progressive Era, Carlos Montezuma became an outspoken critic of federal Indian policy. What is Montezuma’s main argument in his article “What Indians Must Do,” published in the Society of American Indians?

  Montezuma condemned federal paternalism toward the Indians and called for the abolition of the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

  Montezuma’s writing had a tremendous influence at the time on government policy.

  Montezuma praised federal paternalism toward Indians. 

  Montezuma supported the transformation of communal landholdings on reservations into family farms.

Question 8

Throughout the 20th century, every single Latin American nation was ruled by a military regime, with the exception of one country:

  Costa Rica 




Question 9

By the 1950s, much of the promise of development and democracy seemed hollow. If reform was not successful in addressing Latin America’s problems, what option was followed by five nations?

  Continue to rely on US economic and political dependency. 


  Military regimes. 

  Revolutionary Option 

Question 10

What are the four stages of social movements?

  Emergence, coalescence, bureaucratization, decline. 

  Repression co-option, success, failure. 

  Clandestinely, underground, implicit, mainstream. 

  Development, diversification, stagnation, boom. 

Question 11

In the study of people across time, professionals often times employ a periodic approach over a thematic approach. In studying history by periods, we get a false sense of terminality. The alternative to this false sense of terminality is the thematic approach of changes and continuities. What is the advantage of studying history through the theme of changes and continuities?

  The theme of changes and continuities makes history easier to understand, since time is treated in a linear fashion, not in a circular manner.

  By studying history in a thematic approach, we get a better sense of how people fare across time and get a better sense of what conditions have really changed, or if exploitative conditions continue to be the same as in the past.

  Thematic approach gives historians a better understanding on how to prevent making the same mistakes from the past.

  Thematic approach allows historians to better predict the future. 

Question 12

Founded in 1969, the Weather Underground Organization operated in a clandestine fashion for almost 11 years.  What was the goal of this organization?

  The violent overthrow of the US government and the substitution of the capitalist system with a more humane one.

  Work with representatives of the US government to reform the capitalist system.

  Change the US system through a reformist agenda. 

  A state sponsored leftist organization to overthrow the US government. 

Question 13

The Weather Underground, initially the Weatherman and eventually the Weather Underground Organization (WUO), took its name from a popular Bob Dylan song and grew out of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), the biggest and most organized representation of radical white youth of the 1960s. Inspired by the Civil Rights Movement, Black Power Movements, and counting as their heroes the Black Panther Party for Self Defense, the WOU say one action as a way to express its solidarity with the Third World, within and outside the United States, and that action is:

  Vietnam War. 

  Peace Movement. 

  Clandestine operations/operating underground. 

  Infiltration of law enforcement and governmental agencies. 

Question 14

According to the Subcommittee hearing to investigate the administration of the Internal Security Act of the Committee of the Judiciary, what was the name of the WOU’s political manifesto?

  Guerrilla Warfare. 

  The Communist Manifesto. 

  Prairie Fire. 

  Das Kapital. 

Question 15

The term “feminism” entered the political vocabulary for the first time in the years before World War I. It expressed not only traditional demands, but also a quest for free sexual expression and reproductive choice as essential to women’s emancipation. Who was responsible for placing the issue of birth control at the heart of the new feminism?

  Margaret Thatcher. 

  Simone de Beauvoir. 

  Margaret Sanger. 

  Gloria Steinem. 

Question 16

During the Progressive Era, members of the press who investigated corruption to expose problems to the American people, thus prompting serious reforms in many areas. These investigative journalists are known as:





Question 17

The Progressive Era saw important advancements in civic engagement. One example is the work of Ida B. Wells. What important role did she play during this period?

  Provided statistics on the lynching of African Americans, allowing the NAACP to join in the fight for federal anti-lynching legislation.

  Created a database to track down instances of institutional racism. 

  Created a commission for peace and reconciliation in the South. 

  Compiled statistics on the need to provide restitution to the descendants of former slaves.

Question 18

During the Progressive Era, an Americanization campaign was launched. What was the purpose of this Americanization campaign?

  The need to create a more homogeneous national culture. 

  The concept of the melting pot was used to quickly assimilate and Americanize as many recently arrived immigrants.

  A monolingual approach (English only) was used to accomplish assimilation.

  All of the above 

Question 19

Dorothy Counts and Ruby Bridges are best remembered for being the first individuals to carry out the basic tenet of the landmark Supreme Court decision, Brown v. Board of Education.



  Separate but equal doctrine. 

  Equal protection test. 

Question 20

The Harlem Hellfighters and the Tuskegee Red-Tail Angels are two prime examples of not only the contradictions of being an American, but also of blatant racial segregation. Regarded as one of the worst decisions in U. S. Supreme Court history, it established the separate but equal doctrine.

  Dred Scott v. Sanford. 

  Plessy v. Ferguson. 

  Korematsu v. United States. 

  Loving v. Virginia.

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